What Time?

The bird sale is open to buyers at 10am and finishes at 2:00pm on Saturday.

No access to the hall is allowed to buyers before or after this time.


Entry Price

Entry is a $2 gold coin donation. Children under 15 are free.


What birds will be there?

There is always a wide variety of birds available from finches, budgies, parrots and cockatoos.

There are many mutation, exotic and native birds.


Be Prepared

If you are thinking of buying a bird bring an appropriate (for the bird) carry cage.

Carry cages are available from trader stands on the day if you don't have one.


Some Australian native birds require licences.

All details for NSW regulations can be found at the NSW Environment & Heritage website.


To ensure you have a good day make sure you read the NSW Bird Sale Voluntary Code of Practice.



Food and drinks are available for sale on the day.